Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Route 203 / Oreburgh City

Route 203

As soon as you enter Route 203, you will be challenged to a battle against your friend.

    • Friend/Rival
      • Starly Lv. 7
      • Turtwig/Piplup/Chimchar Lv. 9

After defeating your friend, you can then continue on in Route 203 catching Pokémon and battling trainers.

Pokémon found on Route 203:

    • Starly
    • Bidoof
    • Shinx
    • Kricketot

Trainers on Route 203:

    • Youngster Michael
      • Bidoof Lv. 5
      • Zubat Lv. 5
    • Youngster Dallas
      • Kricketot Lv. 7
    • Lass Kaitlin
      • Bidoof Lv. 4
      • Budew Lv. 4
      • Starly Lv. 4
    • Lass Madeline
      • Starly Lv. 5
      • Bidoof Lv. 5
    • Youngster Sebastian
      • Machop Lv. 7

Make your way through Route 203 and grab the Poké Ball off the ground in the grass in the first section of the route. You can also pick up a Repel off the ground above the small lake. You can reach this by going up and around the lake.

When you’ve done all there is to do on Route 203, exit to the east.

Oreburgh Gate

As soon as you enter Oreburgh Gate, you will be given a TM 98 (Rock Smash) and the Hidden Moves App by the Hiker at the entrance. You won’t be able to use Rock Smash in the field just yet though. You will need to earn the badge from Oreburgh City before you can use it. So, without that badge, you won’t be able to fully explore Oreburgh Gate just yet.

Pokémon found in Oreburgh Gate:

    • Zubat
    • Geodude
    • Psyduck – Basement

Trainers in Oreburgh Gate main floor:

    • Camper Curtis
      • Shinx Lv. 7
    • Picknicker Diana
      • Budew Lv. 5
      • Psyduck Lv. 5

When you do get the badge, make sure to come back here and go into the basement. Use Rock Smash to follow the path to the right to pick up TM 70 (Flash).

The rest of the cave will be inaccessible without a Bike though. So come back later with a Bike in order to grab the TM 31 (Brick Break).

Defeat the two trainers and exit the cave.

Oreburgh City

As soon as you enter Oreburgh City, you’ll be approached by an NPC who will take you to the Gym where you will find your friend. Speak to him to find out that the Gym Leader has left to Oreburgh Mine. The mine can be found to the south east side of town.

You can go straight there if you like but for this guide, we’re gonna clean up everything else that there is to do in Oreburgh City first.

Points of Interest

When you have found fossils, you can bring them back here to the Oreburgh Mining Museum. Speak the NPC on the right at the desk and he will extract the Pokémon from whatever fossil you have.

There is a building to the east of town that you can enter. Go in and up to the second floor. Speak with the NPC sitting at the table and he will give you a Great Ball.

Enter the very first building from the entrance to town and go up to the second floor. Speak to the NPC on the left side of the room and she will give you a Dusk Ball.

Enter the building immediately to your right from the building where you received the Dusk Ball. The younger woman on the first floor will offer a trade. She’ll trade you an Abra for a Machop.

Go up to the second floor of the same building and speak to the NPC on the right side of the room. He will ask you to show him a Zubat. You’ll automatically show him the Zubat if you have one in your party. He will then give you a Heal Ball.

With all of that done, let’s head to Oreburgh Mine.

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