Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Oreburgh Mine / Oreburgh City Gym

Oreburgh Mine

Pokémon found in Oreburgh Mine:

    • Zubat
    • Geodude
    • Onix

You can battle trainers in the mine, but you will need to speak with them in order to initiate the battles.

Trainers in Oreburgh Mine

    • Worker Mason
      • Machop Lv. 9
    • Worker Colin
      • Geodude Lv. 7
      • Onix Lv. 7

As soon as you enter the mine, go down the stairs, under the conveyer belt on the right and then back up where you can grab an X Defense.

Continue following the path down into the mine. Go right and grab the Potion behind the rock on your left when you come to it.  Shortly after that Potion, you’ll find the Oreburgh City Gym leader Roark wearing the red hardhat. Speak to Roark and then he will leave.

Before leaving, go to the left to find an Escape Rope. Leave the mine and head back to Oreburgh City.

Oreburgh City Gym

Exit the mine and go heal your Pokémon if they need it.

When you’re ready, enter the gym. There are two trainers that you can battle before facing Roark.

Trainers in Oreburgh City Gym:

    • Youngster Jonathon
      • Geodude Lv. 10
    • Youngster Darius
      • Geodude Lv. 8
      • Onix Lv. 8

Time to face Roark!

      • Geodude Lv. 12
      • Onix Lv. 12
      • Cranidos Lv. 14

With Roark defeated, you’ll now be able to use Rock Smash outside of battle. That means you can go back to Oreburgh Gate and fully explore it.

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