Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Snowpoint City / Lake Acuity / Galactic HQ

Snowpoint City

There are a few things to do here in Snowpoint. You can challenge the gym leader right away and pick up a few items around town.

There is a temple to the north of town, but there’s nothing we can do there until we have the National Pokédex.

You can visit the house to the northwest and speak with a woman who will trade you a Haunter for a Medicham.

There is a boat to the south that will take you to the Battle Zone, but this cannot be done until you have beaten the Pokémon League.

Snowpoint Gym

This gym specializes in Ice type Pokémon. Be sure to bring Fire, Fighting and water types to attack their weakness.

You’ll be sliding around on ice in this gym trying to make your way to the leader. There will be big snowballs that you can destroy by sliding fast enough. You’ll need to destroy the snowballs in the middle to clear a path to the gym leader.

If you exit the gym, the snowballs you destroyed will respawn.

Trainers found in Snowpoint Gym:

    • Ace Trainer Anton
      • Snover Lv. 39
    • Ace Trainer Savannah
      • Pelipper Lv. 35
      • Golduck Lv. 36
      • Steelix Lv. 37
    • Ace Trainer Brenna
      • Snover Lv. 39
    • Ace Trainer Alicia
      • Sneasel Lv. 37
      • Tentacruel Lv. 37
    • Ace Trainer Isaiah
      • Quagsire Lv. 39
    • Ace Trainer Sergio
      • Floatzel Lv. 37
      • Sneasel Lv. 37

    • Candice
      • Snover Lv. 38
      • Sneasel Lv. 38
      • Medicham Lv. 40
      • Abomasnow Lv. 42

You will receive the Icicle Badge, her Stickers and TM 72 (Avalanche) for beating Candice.

You will also now be able to use Rock Climb outside of battle.

Lake Acuity

Heal up your party and head back to the entrance of Lake Acuity. The two Galactic Grunts will no longer be blocking the entrance.

As soon as you enter the lake, you’ll see your Rival speaking with Commander Jupiter. She will go to leave and then intelligently tell you exactly where she doesn’t want you to go to stop them. So naturally, go there.

Veilstone Galactic HQ

Fly to Veilstone City from Lake Acuity.

Go to the northeast corner of the city outside for the Galactic HQ and speak to the Galactic Grunt outside by the satellite dish.

He will say he doesn’t know anything about the Storage Key and then walks away. He will drop the Storage Key right where he was standing. This is a very tightly run organization here.

Anyway, pick up the key and go to the northwest section of the city to the Galactic Warehouse behind the Department Store.

Use the Storage Key on the door inside the warehouse and go down the stairs.

Once inside, take the path to the east and battle the grunts along the way.

Trainers found in Galactic Warehouse:

    • Galactic Grunt
      • Golbat Lv. 37
    • Galactic Grunt
      • Dustox Lv. 35
      • Bronzor Lv. 35

Go up the stairs at the end of the hallway.

Go up another flight of stairs and you’ll then need to use teleporting tiles to make your way through this portion of the warehouse. You’ll also be fighting Grunts along the way.

Take the the teleporter on the left of the first set you come across behind the Grunt. Take the bottom one in the next room and then go up the stairs. Take the teleporter behind the staircase you just came out of. Go down the stairs in the next room and battle Scientist Frederick. Go down the stairs and follow the path around to find the Galactic Key behind the big crates.

Now that you have the key, you can go explore the rest of this building to battle the rest of the Grunts. It’s not a very big place, so it wont take that long.

When you’re ready to go, exit the warehouse and go to Galactic HQ.

Trainers in this section of the Galactic Warehouse:

    • Galactic Grunt
      • Glameow Lv. 37
    • Galactic Grunt
      • Wurmple Lv. 32
      • Cascoon Lv. 34
      • Dustox Lv. 36
    • Galactic Grunt
      • Stunky Lv. 37
    • Scientist Frederick
      • Kadabra Lv. 35
      • Kadabra Lv. 35
    • Galactic Grunt
      • Bronzor Lv. 36
      • Stunky Lv. 36

Galactic HQ

Leave the warehouse and go to the northeast corner to the Galactic HQ. This is back where we picked up the Storage Key earlier.

Go inside and use the Galactic Key on the locked door.

Take the teleporter in the southwest corner to get an item. Go back and take the teleporter in the room with the TV and Scientist Darrius.

you can heal your party in here by sleeping on one of beds behind the stairs. Go up the stairs and beat the two grunts. You’ll then come to three teleporters.

The teleporter on the right is a dead end, the one in the middle will take you to a room that has an Elixir and the one on the left is the story path.

Go up the stairs to find a door that can be unlocked with the Galactic Key.

Trainers found in Galactic HQ:

    • Galactic Grunt
      • Golbat Lv. 36
      • Golbat Lv. 36
    • Galactic Grunt
      • Golbat Lv. 36
      • Silcoon Lv. 34
    • Scientist Darrius
      • Kadabra Lv. 37
    • Galactic Grunt
      • Stunky Lv. 36
      • Croagunk Lv. 36
    • Galactic Grunt
      • Croagunk Lv. 35
      • Stunky Lv. 35
      • Glameow Lv. 35

Before going through the door, make sure your party is healed up and ready to battle. We will be battling the Galactic Leader Cyrus in here.

    • Cyrus
      • Murkrow Lv. 40
      • Sneasel Lv. 43
      • Golbat Lv. 40

You will be given the Master Ball for beating Cyrus. He’ll talk to you for a second then will leave. Interact with the floor in front of the machine in the top left corner to find a hidden Nugget.

After you defeat Cyrus, make sure your party is healed. Use your items or go rest at that bed again.

When you’re ready, go to the right side of the room where you battled Cyrus and use the teleporter to go to a hallway. Follow it to the right to a lab where you will find Commander Saturn Speak to him and battle him.

    • Saturn
      • Kadabra Lv. 38
      • Bronzor Lv. 38
      • Toxicroak Lv. 40

After you beat Saturn, press the button on console to set the trapped Pokémon free. Exit the room and take the teleporter back to where you fought Cyrus. Go down to find a green teleporter. Take it and you’ll end up at the exit of the Galactic HQ.

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