Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Floaroma Town / Valley Windworks / Route 205

Floaroma Town

As soon as you enter Floaroma Town, look to your left to see an older couple standing in the flowers. If you have a save file from other Pokémon games they will reward you with two very rare Pokémon.

The old lady on the right will give you a Mew if you have save data from either Let’s Go Pikachu or Let’s Go Eevee.

The old man on the left will give you Jirachi if you have save data from either Pokémon: Sword or Pokémon: Shield.

From the older couple, go to the right of the Poké Center and enter the house. Speak with the two NPCs to learn about Honey.

Get back on the path and enter the small house to the north. Speak to the girl with the Clefairy and answer “Yes” to her question. She will give you a TM 88 (Pluck).

From the previous house, leave and enter the building to the right. Speak to the woman on the left inside of the building and she will give you a Sprayduck. You’ll be able to water Berries to help them grow. Speaking of Berries, speak to the woman on the bottom right of the building and she will give you a Berry. You can trade any stickers you have with the woman at the register for Berries as well while you’re here.

When you’re done checking out Floaroma, head east to the exit and it’ll take you to Route 205.

Route 205 & Valley Windworks

Pokémon found in Route 205:

    • Bidoof – Grass
    • Buizel – Grass
    • Shellos – Grass
    • Pachirisu – Grass
    • Magikarp – Water

Enter Route 205 and pick the Berries above the path you’re on. As you make your way forward you’ll be stopped by a girl who asks you to help her dad at Valley Windworks.

Head to the right to find the entrance to the Valley Windworks along with grass to find wild Pokémon and a Potion on the ground. Approach the building and battle the Team Galactic Grunt.

    • Team Galactic Grunt
      • Glameow Lv. 11

After the battle, the Grunt will lock himself inside of the building. So turn around and head back to Floaroma Town. When you get there head to the northwest corner to the now unguarded entrance to Floaroma Meadow.

Floaroma Meadow

Upon entering the Meadow, you’ll see two Team Galactic Grunts trying to steal Honey from someone.

You’ll end up battling them both. One right after the other.

    • Team Galactic Grunt 1
      • Wurmple Lv. 9
      • Silcoon Lv. 9
    • Team Galactic Grunt 2
      • Zubat Lv. 11

After the battles, the Grunts will flee and leave behind the Works Key. The NPC that the Grunts were harassing will also give you a Honey. Honey is used to put on a tree. You can then leave and come back later. If the tree that you put Honey on is moving, that means there is a Pokémon in there that you can try and catch.

Now that you have the key, you can leave the Meadow and return to Valley Windworks to unlock the front door.

Valley Windworks

Unlock the door and enter Valley Windworks. You’ll be greeted by a Grunt who will then run off to alert his boss that you are here. Follow the path left and you’ll come to a battle against another Grunt.

After the first battle, you’ll come to one more Grunt to face.

    • Team Galactic Grunt
      • Cascoon Lv. 11
    • Team Galactic Grunt
      • Wurmple Lv. 10
      • Glameow Lv. 10

Make quick work of the two Grunts and you will then meet one of Team Galactic’s Commanders, Mars. Battle and defeat Mars.

    • Mars
      • Zubat Lv. 14
      • Purugly Lv. 16

Mars will leave after the battle. You’ll then be approached by a scientist who is the dad of the little girl we met earlier on Route 205.

The two will talk about a balloon Pokémon that appears outside of Valley Windworks on a certain day of the week. That day is Friday and the Pokémon is Drifloon. You can return on Fridays to try and catch it.

With that wrapped up, you’re able to return to Route 205 and head north across the bridge.

Route 205 Cont.

Return to Route 205 and take the bridge north. There are no new wild Pokémon to be found on this side of the bridge, but there are some trainers to battle.

Trainers in the northern part of Route 205:

    • Camper Jacob
      • Ponyta Lv. 14
    • Hiker Daniel
      • Geodude Lv. 11
      • Machop Lv. 11
      • Geodude Lv. 11
      • Bidoof Lv. 11
    • Aroma Lady Elizabeth
      • Budew Lv. 14
    • Picknicker Siena
      • Shinx Lv. 12
      • Pachirisu Lv. 12
    • Camper Zackary
      • Geodude Lv. 14
    • Hiker Nicholas
      • Onix Lv. 14
    • Battle Girl Kelsey
      • Machop Lv. 15
    • Picknicker Karina
      • Piplup Lv. 14

Make your way up Route 205 battling the trainers.

Make sure to grab the X Attack by Hiker Daniel. You can find a Poké Ball by going under the bridge to left next to some water past the two Berry trees. You should notice a small hill to the right of Camper Zackary. There is a small set of stairs that seemingly lead to nothing. Well, there is a hidden Antidote on the middle of the hill that the small stairs lead up to. Walk around the small platform pressing A until you grab it. There is also a Repel just past Hiker Nicholas.

At the top of the path is a house that you can enter. Speak to the woman on the right and she will heal your Pokémon.

Go down the stairs to the right of the house and you can find a Super Potion.

To the north west of the house, there is a path that is blocked by a tree that you can use Cut on, but we don’t have that yet.

Go north from the house and enter Eterna Forest.

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