Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Solaceon Town / Solaceon Ruins / Route 210

Solaceon Town

There are a few notable locations found within the small town that is Solaceon.

Pokémon News Press

You can enter the building to the right of the Pokémon Center and speak to the man next to the desk. He will request a Pokémon from you every day. If you show him the Pokémon that he requests, he will give you Poké Balls. The Pokémon he requests will change daily.

Pokémon Nursery

The building to the northeast of town is the Nursery. You can leave Pokémon here to breed and raise them.

If you leave a Pokémon here, exit and re-enter the house to find a man there now that you can speak with. Speak with him and he will give you the Egg Monitor for your Pokétch. This will tell you if an egg has been laid.

Solaceon Ruins

Trainers found in Solaceon Ruins:

    • Ruin Maniac Karl
      • Geodude Lv. 16
      • Geodude Lv. 17
      • Bronzor Lv. 18

The Solaceon Ruins are where you’ll be able to encounter Unown. You won’t find any NPC trainers that have them, so you will need to come here and at least see one of them to add to your Pokédex if you’re looking to unlock the National Pokédex.

They are found to the east of Solaceon Town by taking the third ledge path.

Every letter Unown can be caught here. If you catch all 26 versions of Unown, you can then enter the Ruin Maniac Cave on Route 214 and you’ll be able to encounter the ‘?’ and ‘!’ versions of Unown on the upper floors.

First, take the stairs on the upper right to find a boy. Speak to him and he’ll go back home. After you catch some Unown, go to his house and show them to him. His house is accessed by going down the second path of ledges to the east of Solaceon Town.

Follow the stairs to small dead end rooms. The Unown are caught in these rooms.

From the entrance, take the upper right stairs and then the lower left stairs to find the trainer.

After facing the trainer, take the stairs in the order below:

  1. Top Right
  2. Top Left
  3. Top Left
  4. Bottom Left

You’ll find a Nugget, a Rare Candy, a Mind Plate and a Jar of Odd Incense.

When you’re done in the Ruins, leave. Make sure to stop by the boy’s house who we found in the Ruins and show him an Unown. He will give you a Ball Capsule for each type of Unown that you show him.


When you’re all done with Solaceon Town, you can exit to the north to Route 210.

Route 210

Trainers found on Route 210:

    • Rancher Marco
      • Aipom Lv. 18
      • Girafarig Lv. 17
      • Psyduck Lv. 19
    • Ranchers Ava & Matt
      • Stunky Lv. 21
      • Glameow Lv. 21
    • Twins Teri & Tia
      • Pikachu Lv. 21
      • Clefairy Lv. 21
    • Breeder Kahlil
      • Pichu Lv. 18
      • Pikachu Lv. 19
      • Happiny Lv. 17
    • Breeder Amber
      • Cleffa Lv. 19
      • Clefairy Lv. 17
      • Happiny Lv. 18

Pokémon found on Route 210:

    • Ponyta
    • Chansey
    • Geodude
    • Kricketune
    • Mime Jr. – Diamond Only
    • Bonsly – Pearl Only

Make your way through Route 210 catching any Pokémon you need or want and clear out the trainers.

You can get a TM 51 (Roost) by speaking with the NPC on the ledge to the right of this area.

Café Cabin

To the north of the route is the Café Cabin. You can buy Moomoo Milk from the woman at the counter.

You can also battle three trainers inside of the café. You will need to speak with them in order to initiate the battles.

Trainers found in Café Cabin:

    • Waitress Kati
      • Clefairy Lv. 22
    • Collector Edwin
      • Sudowoodo Lv. 19
      • Sudowoodo Lv. 19
      • Sudowoodo Lv. 19
    • Collector Fernando
      • Mr. Mime Lv. 17
      • Mr. Mime Lv. 20
      • Mr. Mime Lv. 20

There’s nothing else going on in the café, so you can leave.

You’ll likely notice a group of four Pysduck to the left of the café. There’s nothing we can do about that right now, so let’s head to Route 215 to the east.

Route 215

Trainers found on Route 215:

    • Ruin Maniac Calvin
      • Bronzor Lv. 21
      • Shieldon Lv. 23
    • Black Belt Derek
      • Croagunk Lv. 25
    • Black Belt Gregory
      • Meditite Lv. 23
      • Machop Lv. 22
      • Meditite Lv. 21
    • Black Belt Nathaniel
      • Croagunk Lv. 21
      • Machop Lv. 22
      • Meditite Lv. 23
    • Ace Trainer Dennies
      • Monferno Lv. 23
      • Gyarados Lv. 23
    • Ace Trainer Maya
      • Glameow Lv. 23
      • Kadabra Lv. 23

Pokémon found on Route 215:

    • Abra
    • Kadabra
    • Geodude
    • Ponyta
    • Kricketune

Follow the route and you will eventually come to a ledge where a Black Belt will be standing overlooking the route. Speak to him and he’ll give you a TM 66 (Payback).

Follow the route battling the trainers and picking up the items behind cuttable trees. This is a pretty linear path. When you reach the exit, go through and you’ll finally have made it to Veilstone City.

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