Pokémon: Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl Walkthrough

Route 222 / Sunyshore City / Vista Lighthouse / Sunyshore Gym

Route 222

We can go after the final badge.

In order to reach Sunyshore City, we will need to travel through Route 222. This route can be accessed on the east side of Hotel Grand Lake.

Fly to Pastoria City and go east to Hotel Grand Lake.

Once you reach it, head east battling all the trainers. Its a pretty straight forward route.

Trainers found on Route 222:

    • Rich Boy Trey
      • Luxio Lv. 43
    • Beauty Nicola
      • Lopunny Lv. 43
    • Policeman Thomas (Night Only)
      • Noctowl Lv. 42
      • Machoke Lv. 42
    • Sailor Marc
      • Mantyke Lv. 43
    • Tuber Conner
      • Remoraid Lv. 43
    • Sailor Luther
      • Freebas Lv. 37
      • Machoke Lv. 40
      • Gastrodon Lv. 43
    • Fisher George
      • Magikarp Lv. 38
      • Remoraid Lv. 40
      • Finneon Lv. 40
      • Gyarados Lv. 42
    • Fisher Brett
      • Magikarp Lv. 39
      • Finneon Lv. 42
      • Freebas Lv. 39
    • Fisher Cole
      • Gyarados Lv. 41
      • Remoraid Lv. 38
      • Gyarados Lv. 41
    • Tuber Holly
      • Remoraid Lv. 43
    • Poké Kid Janet
      • Pikachu Lv. 41
      • Pikachu Lv. 41

Pokémon found on Route 222:

    • Mr. Mime – Diamond Only
    • Wingull
    • Gastrodon
    • Chatot
    • Floatzel
    • Glameow – Pearl Only
    • Purugly – Pearl Only
    • Tentacool – Surfing
    • Tentacruel – Surfing
    • Wingull – Surfing
    • Pelipper – Surfing
    • Remoraid – Good Rod
    • Magikarp – Old/Good Rod

There are two houses on this route. The one on the left is a Pikachu Fan Club were you can battle Poké Kid Janet. The house on the right is home to an NPC who will give you a reward if you catch a big Remoraid and show him.

Exit to the east to reach Sunyshore City.

Sunyshore City

As soon as you enter the city, you’ll be introduced to Flint. He’ll reveal himself to be a member of the Elite Four. He will also tell you that the gym leader is at the Vista Lighthouse.

Jasmine, a gym leader from the Johto region can be found on the north beach. She will give you Waterfall after earning the final badge.

You can find Julia’s House in the northeast corner of the city. She will give you a Ribbon for your Pokémon if you listen to her stories.

There is a scientist in a house to the south east just behind the lighthouse that will give you Pokétch apps in exchange for showing him Pokémon with a certain nature that he asks for.  You will need to use Rock Climb to reach his house.

Vista Lighthouse

Go to the southeast corner of the city to find the lighthouse. Enter it and speak to Volkner. He’ll be the one standing at the binoculars. After the conversation he will return to his gym.

Return to the gym and speak to Flint. He will move and you can now enter the gym.

Sunyshore Gym

The Sunyshore gym will specialize in electric types. So, you’re best bet would be to bring ground types as they are immune to electricity. You can also gain an advantage by using grass types here.

Trainers found in Sunyshore Gym:

    • School Kid Tiera
      • Pachirisu Lv. 44
    • School Kid Forrest
      • Mr. Mime Lv. 44
    • Guitarist Jerry
      • Luxio Lv. 44
    • Poké Kid Meghan
      • Pikachu Lv. 41
      • Pikachu Lv. 41
      • Pikachu Lv. 41
      • Pikachu Lv. 41
    • Guitarist Lonnie
      • Raichu Lv. 44
    • Ace Trainer Destiny
      • Kadabra Lv. 44
      • Raichu Lv. 44
    • Guitarist Preston
      • Luxio Lv. 42
      • Bibarel Lv. 42
    • Ace Trainer Zachery
      • Steelix Lv. 44
      • Medicham Lv. 44

You’ll be stepping on panels that rotate gears to create walkways in this gym.

  • Step on the green panel to the right once and then exit the path.
  • Step on the left green panel once and battle the trainer.
  • Step on the bottom left blue panel three times.
  • Go up the stairs to your left and battle the trainer.
  • Step on the top left blue panel once.
  • Step on the green switch once.
  • Go to the right, battle the Guitarist and go up the stairs.
  • Step on the right red panel once.
  • Step on the left red panel once.
  • Battle the Ace Trainer and go up the stairs.
  • Battle the Guitarist and then step on the green panel twice.
  • Step on the blue panel once and then go down the stairs on the right.
  • Battle the Ace Trainer and then go down the stairs back to the beginning of this room.
  • Step on the right red panel once and you can now reach Volkner by going up the right side.


    •  Volkner
      • Raichu Lv. 46
      • Octillery Lv. 47
      • Ambipom Lv. 47
      • Luxray Lv. 49

You’ll receive the eighth and final badge, the Beacon Badge for defeating Volkner. You will also receive his Stickers and TM 57 (Charge Beam).

You can now use Waterfall outside of battle as well.

Now head to the north beach of Sunyshore and speak to Jasmine. She will give you TM 99 (Waterfall).

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